Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beatles, the Rebirth - remastered recordings

Today, 09.09.09, is the release date of the Beatles original recordings remastered CD's. And I have also chosen today to launch this Beatles Blog. What, another one? Why not! This will be more than just a collection of events and dates since I studied in the University of Liverpool in the early seventies, there will also be my thoughts of Liverpool, the city of the Beatles.

This date is chosen not because of any significant happening during the Beatles year but more of the visual impact of 090909. Below are the major events that happen on this day involving the Beatles so there was nothing major really.

1961 - Saturday, evening performance at Aintree Institute, Aintree, Liverpool.

1962 - Sunday. Night performance at Cavern Club, Liverpool. Also appearing were Clinton Ford, the British singer who had 2 top 30 singles hits and Billy J Kramer.

1966 - How I won the War shooting in Celle, West Germany where John played his only acting role outside of the Beatles. The shooting was between 6 and 14 September.

1968 - Monday. Re-make of Helter Skelter in Studio Two, EMI Studio, London. This was the first time that George Martin's assistance, Chris Thomas took over as producer for the Beatles while Martin was on holiday. He returned only on 1 October.

I am not sure if this is happening in other countries but here locally, the Beatles remastered recordings will be on sale from 9.09am onwards, again utilising the 09 figure.

OK back to the Beatles music. You have a choice of two versions, first is the set remastered in stereo and sold as The Beatles Stereo Box Set or those in remastered mono sold as The Beatles Mono Box Set. The contents are not exactly the same as the Mono Set will not include the three albums Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road and Let It Be since they were originally released only in Stereo.

The Stereo Set will also have the album Past Masters that features all the tracks that appeared on singles, EP's or those that never made it into the albums while the Mono Set will only have the same tracks that originally appeared in mono.

Or if you prefer, you can get each of the albums individually.

Please, Please, Me (Original release day, 22 March, 1963)

With the Beatles (Original release date, 22 November, 1963)

Hard Day's Night (Original release date, 10 July, 1964)

Beatles for Sale (Original release date, 4 December, 1964)

Help! (Original release date, 6 August, 1965)

Rubber Soul (Original release date, 3 December, 1965)

Revolver (Original release date, 5 August, 1966)

Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Original release date, 1 June, 1967)

Magical Mystery Tour (Original release date, 27 November, 1967)

Beatles (the White Album) (Original release date, 22November, 1968)

Yellow Submarine (Original release date, 17 January, 1969)

Abbey Road (Original release date, 26 September, 1969)

Let It Be (Original release date, 8 May, 1970)

Past Masters (Original release date, 7 March, 1988)

Grab one or more of the Beatles albums and enjoy their music, there's never a better time than now.

Ronald Kwok